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Order your Christmas Santa Letter today and get the following:

A fully personalised Christmas Santa Letter with the child’s name, toy & age.

Also included is a Good List certificate with their name on it!

We will also post via royal mail to arrive before the 20th December!

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Here at Swindon Town Fc we have produced the most magical personalised Santa letter.

Having children of our own we understand what it takes to keep the magic alive. 

You and your children will be treated to a wonderful Christmas moment when your little angels open thier Christmas Santa Letter.

You can also see the delight in their eyes when they find they have made it onto the good list from Santa as well.

All at an affordable cost!

Post and Packaging included at no extra cost.

(Swindontownfcletterfromsanta.co.uk – A product provided by Swindon Town FC & Jam Print Ltd)

Click here to order!

Please note that we are no longer able to guarantee any letters ordered will be received before Christmas. The Elves Dismiss